Shipping Costs and Why They Suck

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Shipping is the worst. #ugh

As of April 2020, I have implemented a new way of shipping and unfortunately it's not ideal. I use Shopify to host my website and I LOVE it. However, one thing that hasn't been completely worked out is the way they offer shipping. To make a long story short: 

I have done my fair-share of research on this and have discussed this with the Shopify experts and this is what I can come up with to be most transparent to my clients. Shopify only allows one default package to be selected in order to gather shipping rates at checkout. Thus, no matter what product or how many products you choose to purchase, your shipping total will always be the same for that particular item category. (i.e. Pottery, Paintings, etc.) 

Here's the not ideal part of this:

All canvas wrapped paintings are subject to extra shipping costs after checkout. 
BUMMER. I know. If you're a serious buyer and have an interest in acquiring a painting and would like to know up front how much it will cost to ship, please contact me first. I'll be happy to sell off the website and complete an "in-person" transaction so-to-speak. 

One other thing to keep in mind when purchasing a painting from any artist is the packaging that goes into keeping your new piece safe during its travels. A lot of artists include this in the price. I don't. All of my canvas wrapped paintings include a handling fee and will be wrapped well. Handling fees consist of $20 for lighter acrylic pieces or $100 for heavier paintings - usually oils. This handling fee is automatically added to the shipping cost at checkout. Paintings are large investments and I don't paint just to sell them. I have an emotional tie to all of my pieces and they hold sentimental value to me. When you buy a painting from Leigh Art, you're buying a piece of the artist as well. The handling fee may seem steep to some, but I want our piece to end up in its new home without being damaged.  

Should you have questions, concerns or comments about this, please utilize the contact page. I'll be happy to assist you. 

Whitney Morman
Owner & Artist
Leigh Art

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