Same Name, New Look

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Leigh Art started in 2007 when I was 17 and needed a way to sell my acrylic paintings. I opted for Etsy - this was when Etsy was still only promoting its handmade makers. I endured the listing and selling fees, I made a couple of painting sales but it wasn't until I started making and selling pottery that sales escalated at all. Eventually, I made the decision to jump off the Etsy bandwagon and go rogue with my own website. 

I learned then that the number of sales I would make to people all over the U.S. and internationally would dwindle and I knew local shows were going to be my venue of choice to get my product out there. 

I've never been more happy with a decision and a path than I am looking back at this today. Then, my product was "okay". Today, my product is always in a state of progression and getting better because my skills are also in the same progressive state. I can competently say that I sell quality, handmade products today. 

If I could count the number of mugs I've sold over the last 10 years, that would be enough to back up my previous statement. 

Because of my progressed skills, my older BUT wiser brain, and ever growing business sense, I've made the decision to rebrand. The new brand is more suitable to me and what I find attractive and that's super clean, sophisticated, and a little on the southwestern side. The colors have changed, the font has changed, and the look and feel of the website has changed. The art, the art will remain has it has been, in a perpetual state of progression, as will my skills. 

After having a brand for 7-8 years, it's a marathon to get everything changed over to the new look. For a while, customers are still going to see the previous branding on pots, business cards, and more. I'm converting what I can currently such as the website and social media posts but the other items come with time and patience. (Something else I'm constantly in a progressive state of learning how to do.)

I'm looking into more positive changes in Leigh Art in coming months and I'm hoping to really nail down some items that have been on my to-do list for a couple of years now. I'll get into that more when the time comes. For now, I hope my buyers and pottery lovers will enjoy the new atmosphere of the new brand when they visit my table or my website. Most importantly, I hope they remember what an important role they play in my success as a handmade business. 

- Whit

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