Wine & Clay Festival 2023

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It's about that time again. The annual Wine & Clay Festival hosted by the Llano Estacado Clay Guild and Llano Estacado Winery is happening in 2 weeks! The Leigh Art tables will be fully stocked with 5th Buffalo pottery and the new Wild Rojo colors will be available as well! 

Many of you have been asking for the last few years if I sell sets of pottery and unfortunately, the answer has always been "no, I'm just not there yet." ... 

Not any more. You'll find 5th Buffalo pottery available in sets (as product allows) and I will be accepting Made to Orders! 

What is a Made to Order? 
Made to orders are not custom orders. The difference between "made to" and "custom" is you do have a choice of colors and product that are already being sold in the shop; whereas with a custom order, you have full reign on the vessel to be created in any color and shape. 

What all will be available for Made to Order? 

  • 5th Buffalo Dinner Sets (4 pieces in 1 color)
    • Mug, Chili Bowl, Saucer, Plate
  • 5th Buffalo Mug Sets (12 Mugs - 1 in every color)
  • Wild Rojo Mug Sets & Packs
    • Set: 5 mugs - 1 of every design
    • Pack: 5 mugs with same design on each

How can you purchase a Made to Order set? 
Head over to the website (, navigate to the Shop tab at the top of the page, hover over Pottery in the dropdown menu, and select your favorite collection. The Made to Order options will be available within their respective collections.  

How long does it take to receive Made to Order products? 
I'm estimating a month. If I can get it to you sooner, I will. If life gets in the way of being in the studio, it could take a little longer but I will do my best to get the product to you in a month. 

Can I purchase a Made to Order at the Wine & Clay Festival? 
YES! Absolutely! There's no time like the present to get your orders in, especially since they will take a bit to produce. Consider your Christmas list too, it's never too early to start shopping and what better gift to give than something handmade?

As I stated previously, 5th Buffalo will be completely restocked. I'll sell sets at the show as product volume allows. The tables will be full of 5B mugs, Salsa Bowls, Spoon Rests, Chili Bowls, Saucers, and Dinner Plates! Mix & Match your favorites for a festive place setting or a vibrant start to your morning cup of coffee. 

Espuela pottery will also be on display. I had some trouble with the tankards on this last kiln load so their restock is postponed but I still have saucers and spoon rests! 

Wild Rojo, as many of you have seen, has two new colors making their debut at this show. Y'all have been raving about both the matte black and the turquoise. I'm excited for y'all to see them in person. I'll have sets of each available at the show. First come, first serve. Sets will be sold as product volume allows. Made to Orders will be taken for these as well. 

Guys, I'm so excited for this show and to see y'alls reaction to all the new pots Leigh Art's been so busy making. This really is one of the biggest and best batches of pots I think has ever come out of the LA studio. 

See y'all Saturday, June 10th at the Llano Estacado Winery from 10am - 7pm! 

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