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After 10+ years of throwing pottery and providing affordable and consistent pricing, Leigh Art has no choice but to increase her prices. As everything else in this economy has gone up, so has the cost to provide collectable and useable pottery. 

As many of you know, I don't create and develop pieces, painting or pottery, to make my income. I do this because I love it and prefer to continue doing it. 

With this being said, I hope many of you will still choose to come visit me at the Wine & Clay Festival happening in June at the Llano Estacado Winery. The event is hosted by the Llano Estacado Clay Guild and the Winery and is an annual event comprised of the ceramicists of the Guild, local artists like myself, and it's not just pottery. 

Previously, the event was a two-day festival that endured the scorching June heat with outside activities, music, and shopping. This year, the festival has been condensed to a one-day event with extended hours on Saturday, June 10th. The festival will open at 10am and shut down at 7pm. From what the vendors are hearing, there will be more vendor booths outside allowing for more products to shop, food, music, and of course.. Wine! 

Fully restocked 5th Buffalo pottery will be available as well as the brand new Wild Rojo collection. You'll also be able to shop your favorite Espuela pieces! 

Stay tuned and check in on my social media pages on Facebook & Instagram for more information on this awesome event and mark your calendars for June 10th | 10am - 7pm 

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