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"The Espuela series is inspired by the shortlived, Espuela County, now known as Spur, Texas in Dickens County. All that remains of Espuela is the cemetery in which a few of my ancestors now rest. The glazes (color) on all the Espuela pieces are Gun Metal Green and Coffee Bean. Together they mimic the heights and ravines of the caprocks that lay throughout this part of the country."

This is how I've been explaining the Espuela potter line on social media but there's a little more background as to why I tied this line to Spur (Espuela). Dickens County hosts a small piece of land that my family has owned since... Well, I don't know how long but for a long time. Previously, it was a homestead but now we hunt there. A small amount of cotton is harvested each fall from a portion of the land while the other part is a large ravine dug out by God himself and we hunt that part. Pigs, deer, turkey, quail, raccoons, armadillo, bobcat, coyotes, and more all travel through this part of Texas, and many call our little piece of Texas-heaven home. Just northeast of our place and around the bend in the road is the Espuela Cemetery. I knew about this place but hadn't been there since I was little until last September. 

My grandmother now rests there among other family members and that makes this place even more special. This little piece of land we have, it's one of those that seeps down into your soul and before you know it, you love it. Sure, the hunting isn't always great but regardless of whether you take home meat or not, the scenery as the light changes is awesome. Some of you may beg to differ and that's fine, but there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a West Texas sunrise or sunset. As cold as it may be in the blind and as dark as it is when we arrive or when we're leaving, the sun brushes everything as it rises and you begin to see things in a completely different light. Same as it goes down. 

Those that follow my social feeds may know that I have an affinity for buffalo and my brother introduced me to Caprock Canyon State Park a few years ago. This is where the last of the southern plains bison roam. The canyons that they roam eventually flow into the area we hunt. That's not to say the bison roam our land. Parks and Wildlife maintain their roaming distances to protect them and increase the herd numbers. 

The colors I chose for the new line of pots reflect the colors in my memories of each of these places. Until you see the land for yourself, I'm not quite sure you'll understand. 

Espuela is new as of May 2020. Quantities are limited and restocking will take time. Pieces are priced higher than other pottery lines due to materials and glazes used. Please use the contact page or messaging systems on social media for inquiries. 


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  • I love this history! We have a place at White River, 15 minutes from Spur, that we have also had “forever”! There is nothing like a sunrise or sunset in the canyon. If you know – you know! I completely get the coloring on this line of pots. Thank you for capturing the essence of this area in pottery form.

    Lori Owen on

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