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November 9th & 10th (Saturday & Sunday) 
3201 25th St. (Tech Terrace) 

*South on Flint from 19th street to 26th, turn right until you reach Gary and then back north to 25th. Take a left into the cul de sac.*

I was accepted into the Lubbock Artists Studio Tour coming up in a couple of weeks and I want to shed some light on the event. The event is actually a tour of a 9 homes that will each be featuring at least one artist in different mediums. (i.e. Painting, Pottery, Woodwork, Photography, Jewelry, Sculpture, Mixed Media, and Music, etc.) The homes are open both Saturday and Sunday for Lubbock residents to travel through, view and purchase items on display by the selected artists. Myself and 6 other artists will be featured at the 9th house on the tour. The tour is free and no trolly, train, or car will be provided to take you from house to house/studio to studio. You're free to go to any house in any order. 

As a local Lubbock artist, I encourage you to jump on board with this tour and come see what Lubbock has to offer in terms of artists. We love what we do and we want everyone else to love it too! 

What will Leigh Art have on display? 

For the first time in nearly a decade, I will have a booth wall setup displaying paintings. For the very first time, I will also have a limited number of prints displayed of two of my most recent paintings, "Peonies" and "Where the Cactus Flowers Grow".


I'm extremely excited about this event and I hope you'll join me and all the other great artists Lubbock has to offer during this colorful tour. 

For more information, logon to's%20Artist%20Studio%20Tour%2C%20November,are%20located%20in%20Lubbock%2C%20Texas.


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