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It wasn't but about 3 months ago that I announced I was moving the shop back to Etsy. Having left Etsy more than 2 years ago, I still remembered the reasoning behind it but thought I would give it another go due to budgeting reasons with my Wix site. 

Wix was great for the 'built from scratch' component but that was really it. They were/are lacking in multiple sales channels such as Facebook and Instagram and I found myself slaving away on the weekends and evenings trying to compensate for what they lacked. Doing so, of course, exhausts a person mentally and pushes inspired creative urges to the back burner because so many other things need to get done. It was time to move forward instead of in the circle of the circus ring that is Wix. 

Etsy helped me get my start in 2009 and allowed me to push my beginning paintings and pottery out into the world. I sold quite a bit with them after some time and building up my shop. However, the transaction fees, the renewal fees and the ever changing pace from only catering to handmade to the entire wheelhouse of wholesale produced a bad taste in my mouth and I decided it was time to shove off to the deep end of the kiddy pool and buy my own domain. 

After Wix decided to up my annual fee to almost double what I was originally paying for a less than basic eCommerce site, I decided it was time to look elsewhere, thus I went back to Etsy. Etsy continued to disappoint in 2019 with their recent decision to push out their bright idea of making certain listings that include free shipping the prominent listings in the market place. Doing so makes all of those shops that do not offer free shipping fairly muted and less likely to be seen. So... Thanks for that Etsy. I'm out. 

In the few years I was on Wix, I tried other sites and switched back and forth between Wix, Ecwid, looked at Volusion and a number of other sites for eCommerce and even those that are more geared towards art sales. I continued to pine over Shopify and would go back to Wix. 

Well... I'm done pining and I'm here with Shopify. By this point in the blog, many of you are probably thinking "man, this chick can't make up her mind at all..." and that's fine, you're welcome to think whatever you like. However, my idea behind this is to find the right site for my shop, for my products, and one that makes it easier on my customers to shop and buy hassle free. I have other requirements of my own including inventory tracking and alternate sales channels as mentioned before. Shopify helps check off a number of other things on my list but I'll leave it at that. 

So, without further ado, I give you the same shop, with the same policies, with the same artist with the same attitude - Leigh Art is now on Shopify. :) 

As the only welcoming committee there is in Leigh Art, I welcome each of you to peruse the shop and receive 60% off all clearance items (Pottery & Paintings) at check out until October. 

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