5th Buffalo

Clay bodies: Cinco Blanco & Buffalo Wallow, thus 5th Buffalo. 

Handmade, wheel-thrown, functional pieces, beautifully glazed with drips resembling chocolate syrup. These pieces are fan favorites and brighten up any cupboard. Even your dishwasher will be pretty and vibrant when full of 5th Buffalo pieces. 

Mugs & other items are available in an array of colors featuring Hot Tamale (Red), Cutie Pie Coral (Coral), Elephant Ears (Grey), Cafe Ole (Tan/Mocha), Awkquard (Aqua), Carabein Blue (Blue - truest blue), Dandelion (Yellow), Sour Apple (Green), Blue Isle (Turquoise - Dark), and Blue Grass (Dark Teal). 

Some items still available in Cobalt Blue and Burgundy; however, these colors have been discontinued

Note: Not all colors will be available on all pieces.