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Charmed is Copyright© 2017 


3.25 inches diameter  x 4.25 inches tall 
12 oz 
[Volume is an estimation]

Dimensions vary - Products are made to be similar in size. 
Item depicted in images may not be exact item you receive. Decal placement and porcelain slip (white streaks) may be different from products pictured. 

  • How many bodies can a mug have in one collection? This artist is hardly ever satisfied in the clay studio - so, here's to one more. The 2021 mug body is straight sides with a trimmed foot. The difference is the foot is trimmed while the pot is wet, not leather hard. No fooling around with this piece. Its heavy bottom allows the mug to sit on any surface without the heat resonating through, leaving a heat mark, burn, or leaving you saying "OUCH" during your morning coffee. 
  • A straighter body than the 5th Buffalo mugs resemble a large and simplistic teacup. The irony lies in the body and the decal itself. Combined, the two aspects give the appearance of dainty and perhaps delicate while remaining tough and sturdy.
  • Body style has been updated in 2021. Some mugs with the teacup style are still available. 
  • Textured thumb rest for more one-handed stability. The texture provides an indented decoration of the Texas star as well as a surface to run your thumb over during early morning rise & wake or late-night contemplation. 
  • Sturdy handle for mobility and movement. 
  • Feet on each mug provide a stable sit-down every time. 

All Leigh Art mugs, no matter the shape, size, or color, are made with the idea they'll be used at the cabin, by the campfire, every morning in your kitchen, with friends over for brunch, at holiday gatherings, or for some much-needed solo meditation. Mugs are so easily incorporated into our daily routines and they make wonderful gifts.

Comfort in a cup is a mug from Leigh Art. 

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