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5th Buffalo Mugs

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3.25 inches diameter  x 3.75 inches tall 
8 oz 
[Volume is an estimation]

Dimensions vary - Products are made to be similar in size. 
Item depicted in images may not be exact item you receive. Coloring and drip pattern may differ slightly from images provided.  

  • Bellied body for the perfect mug-to-palm fit. 
  • Tilted lip to easily rest the top of the mug on your bottom lip. Sip slow or chug with the easy flow of your favorite beverage. 
  • Textured thumb rest for more one-handed stability. The texture provides an indented decoration of a leaf as well as a surface to run your thumb over during early morning rise & wake or late night contemplation. 
  • Sturdy handle for mobility and movement. 
  • Feet on each mug provide a stable sit down every time. 
  • The overall body concept aids in "sloshage" - this does not mea n the mug won't slosh but it does help. 

All Leigh Art mugs, no matter the shape, size, or color, are made with the idea they'll be used at the cabin, by the campfire, every morning in your kitchen, with friends over for brunch, at holiday gatherings, or for some much needed solo meditation. Mugs are so easily incorporated into our daily routines and they make wonderful gifts.

Comfort in a cup is a mug from Leigh Art. 


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