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Hi, my name is Whitney and I am not a dinner-set making potter. It's a BIG DEAL.

No really... Keep reading. 

From the first time I picked up a wad of clay and threw it on the wheel, I knew I wanted to make sets of dinnerware. Over the last few years, I've loved creating functional pottery and had made it a goal to achieve sets of pottery. However, I knew something was still missing in my art. 

After recent contemplation, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm not happy just making dinnerware and I have way too much of it. 

Here's the deal:

I have the few things I thoroughly enjoy making and I have those I don't. I don't accept custom orders anymore because I don't enjoy creating for others. I know, selfish right? I don't care. What I do enjoy doing is creating functional items like mugs, tankards, saucers, bowls, now lanterns, and chimineas. I will never grow my skillset or my business if I lose sight of playing in the studio. I've been so consumed with making more of this series, or more of that collection, playing wasn't an option. Wasting clay wasn't an option. As a potter, not playing and not being able to trash a fresh piece is not okay. Pottery is about trial and error; I've made more errors than I'd like to admit but that's part of learning. I'm definitely not done learning yet but I am done getting irritated over stupid mistakes I made because I was in a hurry, or I really wanted to have pieces done before a show. The reasons are endless. 

I throw pots because I LOVE it. I'm going back to doing what I love. This means some of the pieces in my shop may be the last of their kind ever or for a while and some collections may be dwindled down to only a few pieces, not dinner sets. I need to set my sights on other fun things for a while. I also LOVE really great people that want to help other people by studying things that are way over my head. Dementia and Alzheimer's has hit my family more than once and it never gets easier. With that being said, I'm hosting a BIG DEAL.

I've gathered the items available for this BIG DEAL and put them on their own page. The BIG DEAL about this is you're not just buying pottery, you're also donating to the Alzheimer's Research Foundation. 20% of each order goes to ARF. 

So, yeah, it's a BIG DEAL. 

-  Whit

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